Use these Template Pages as a starting point for your website order. The images, colors, fonts, text and overall feel will be customized to your brand and desires. The Templates give a layout and framework that we will use to fill in with your custom content. Any area can be edited, removed or even duplicated, so take notes and let us know what you want to see in your Custom Website!

Click on an image to see the full page design, then use menu at the top to get back to the  page you need, to view other Templates.

Make a note of the Template pages you choose (you will need to enter them in the checkout page)

Home Page Template – (click here for choices) Choose 1

About, Services, Products & Pricing Pages – (click here for choices) Choose 2

Contact Page Template – Choose 1

You can buy additional pages, additional stock photos (3 are included with all pricing)  and custom-made videos on the Pricing Page, (click here for options)

Contact Page Templates

Contact Page 1 Template
Contact Page 2 Template
Contact Page 3 Template
Contact Page 4 Template
Contact Page 5 Template
Contact Page 6 Template
Contact Page 7 Template
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